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Gourmet Popcorn, Fudge, Chocolate & Caramel Apple

Indulge yourself with our home made Fudge, Chocolate, Nut cluster, Toffee and Caramel corn.

About Us


Gourmet Popcorn

Great for Healthy, Gluten free, some Vegan option, snacks for Office Party and large event. We make so many variety of Popcorn for large orders, using Non-GMO popcorn, coconut oil for nutty flavor and better taste.  Our most popular popcorn is "Caramel Corn", we do not have secret recipe, but perfection to cook caramel make it special.  more then 30 flavors available. 


Homemade Fudge

Our fudge made in small batch, using milk, cream, sugar, fine chocolate and butter. premium nuts, fruit puree and real vanilla to make different flavors.


Handmade Chocolate

English Toffee, nut clusters, praline, chews and creams made in house. Using Guittard chocolate, California Almonds, Virginia peanuts and mammoth pecan make it more delicious. Small batch caramel, soft,  buttery and chewy used in our  chocolate.


Caramel Apples

Granny smith apple dipped in Homemade rich caramel. Just plain or Rolled with nut pieces, candy , marshmallow, and dipped again in rich smooth Belgian chocolate. we can make any variety of Caramel Apples for "ANY" quantity..

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